Subculture & JDN My Uzi Weighs A Ton 5×50


I was wary to pick one of these up, as normally I really just don’t enjoy 60+ ring gauge smokes.  There’s a certain ‘lockjaw’ feeling that isn’t for me.  But, being a fan of what Drew Estate has been doing outside of the Acid world… I had to give it a go.

The first voluminous puffs ring of Joya de Nicaragua’s Antano series, and not in a bad way –more of a variation on the theme as opposed to a wanna-be syndrome.  It certainly comes alive immediately.  no waiting around for this one to get to the point.

To it’s credit, it doesn’t make any raucous changes.  It slowly gains in strength in a very even fashion.  And, damn, this thing lasts a long time; definately a slow going smoke.  Admittedly, it did require some touch-ups with the lighter but the draw remained consistent.

It continues developing near linearly to the end, with a pretty big last gasp.

The Roll: A touch soft, but not too far off the mark.

The Wrapper: Even and smooth.

The Ash: Nicely white & a little soft.

The Value: At ~$11 it’s a fair price.

Would I get it again?  The only thing that really keeps me  from saying ‘yup’ is the ring gauge.  If it was available as a 52, I’d pick them up on a regular basis.  Otherwise, this is good stuff.  Word is there’s a smaller size coming out shortly.  I’ll be checking it out.