Tatuaje Black Lancero

Original Tatuaje Black Pimphammer Humidor Jar

It’s been a while since I had a black. The original production of the blacks were code named the “pimphammer” (after the cigar store tool pictured above). In order to get in on the first samples, at the IPCPR show you had to say ‘pimphammer’ to Pete Johnson, and then he would ship you a bundle. When we got ours in, they were just that… bundles of cigars, wrapped in Saran Wrap, and then wrapped in tin foil.  No frills, no chills.

What made them unique was that he specifically used a second binder leaf on the exterior rather than a wrapper grade leaf. They were different and quite good actually. Once they were ‘officially realeased’ the famous humidor jars (also pictured) were the standard packaging.  The new batch, however,  is different in that it has a standard low-vein wrapper leaf.  We’ll see how it works.

And after lighting…

Here’s  a taste you don’t get very often… paint.  They obviously didn’t let the paint cure on the box before packing.  It reeks. Other people in the room noticed.  The whole box is a loss.

Seems kinda pointless now but —

The Roll: Remarkably uneven.  The nose and the foot are both highly flexible/squishy, with a hard spot about a third of the way in.

The Wrapper: Super ‘meh‘.  Uneven color and short vein structures. Suspicuiously cheap looking.

The Value: $11 and I really have no idea if it’s worth it.  As soon as a lit it I dropped it.

Would I get it again?  Really not sure.  I mean, yeah… Camacho shipped out a bunch of the 2010 Liberty’s with uncured paint, and it reflected.  The Camacho VP of Sales did us a solid by damn near instantly replacing the shipment.  Will Pete do the same? Unknown.