La Casita Criolla

La Casita Criolla from TatuajeThis little guy has some oddball notes of pumpkin and cedar on first taste.   It starts off slow, and seems to draw pretty well (after some assistance from the trusty drill bit).  Over time it got some decent cedar notes that about halfway through turned a touch sour.  Physically it burns pretty hot.  You can feel it in the nose pretty heartily.

The strength keeps developing more than expected.  The woody notes get pretty strong after a while –more than it should.  It kind of reminds me of the old La Aroma De Cubas (the original, before the EE and New Blend Series), in that it seems kind of directionless.  It goes through stages, but they just dont seem cohesive.

Severely… unexciting.

The Roll: Needed help, and bit tight even after routing.

The Wrapper: Nothing mention-able.

The Ash: A little on the soft side.

The Value: At ~$7 it’s not insulting…. but it’s at the top end of it’s price range

Would I get it again? Nope.  No reason to try again.  No hints of anything worth retrying, in case I just got a sub-par roll.