Paul Garmirian Symphony Short Robusto

This little guy is something nice.  It’s a limited batch cigar that is only released to a limited number of shops around the country.  Not every PG shop can get it, as they limit the supply to keep it ever-available.

When you light it you get that Dominican signature that only comes off the countries finest cigars.  It lights up nicely, and stays that way.  The taste builds up just a touch with similar notes to the Connoisseur, but a nice variation thereof. The flavor build up as the oils coalesce, and some notes of cedar slowly fade in… just like you would want it to in a prime Dominican.

Towards the end it perks up with a bit of natural sweetness (in the right way).  The palette is well saturated, and it’s a nice complement.

The finish is solid, and leaves you feeling satisfied.  The only thing lacking is… more.  I like the Short Robusto, but the larger Connoisseur size is what I will be getting next time.

The Wrapper: Dead Smooth and even.

The Ash: White, clean, and a little soft.

The Value: At ~$16 it’s a reasonable price.  Sure, it a bit more than the average stick, but totally worth it.

Would I get it again?  Yes.  And, hell yes.