Padron 1964 46th Anniversary

Yet another Special Edition from Padron… but not in a bad way. Starting off with notes of nuttiness and gentle spice, it evenly settles into classic Padron 1926 fare. Overall, if you are a fan of the Padron 19** sereis, it’s definately worth checking out. It’s aged longer than the standard fare, and it shows […]


Padilla 1932 Torpedo

I have had some pretty hit-and-miss experiences with Padilla. I think overall i’m a “50%-er”. The Dominus and the Cazadores do nothing for me, whereas the Miami and 1932 seem to shine. I’ve had some random picks of the other series with a few memorable notes… and a few non-memorable ones. This guy is totally […]


Tatuaje Fausto FT 140

An obvious deviation from Tatuajes regular line, it’s easy to see why it bears an alternate identity. To it’s benefit, it has much in common with Tatuaje’s (excellent) TAA limited edition cigar. There are sweet and strong notes alike, with the snappy ecuadorian overtones and a touch of ‘newness‘ to it.  Normally, the acidic new-notes […]