anejo Fuente

A Fuente Anejo #60

The Anejo’s are a little different than your average cigar.  It’s based off of a  normal Fuente maduro wrapper, but the wrapper is aged in a used cognac barrel before rolling.  Now, it’s not an in-your-face flavor, just a little hint of something additional. The first notes are quite light and subtle, and ash instantly […]

avo cigars davidoff

Avo 85th Anniversary Figurado

I feel like I’m chancing fate with a figurado, seeing as i seem to always get ‘that one’ that doesn’t burn right. Luckily, I am quickly proven safe.  The light is essentially perfect –smooth and light, without any unnecessary tug involved.  The light dominican flavor easily draw through and coat the palette evenly. Over time there’s a little bit […]


Villiger 1888 Robusto

Grr. Pardon the formatting, but the new version of WordPress has broken image placement. Anyways… It’s been a while since I hit one of these up. Known in Europe for their short fill dry-cured mini’s, the 1888 is a pretty wild deviation for the brand. This guy starts in the way you would expect of […]

anniversary padron

Padron 1964 Maduro 85th Anniversary

Another year… another special edition from Padron. Interestingly this is a smaller format than usual, as compared to the 40th, 44th, 45th, 46th and 80th editions.  Luckily, this variation on a toro is just my style. It lights pretty easily, and, as expected,  jumps right into the expected Padron flavor profile.  There is an additional light nuttiness thrown in as well. […]


Oliva Series V #4

This little guy was originally a special edition for TAA member shops only.  After some time they decided to make it a standard edition. The V series is a pretty interesting blend, in that it is remarkably fickle about it’s atmosphere. I live in Colorado, which several years ago was classified as a desert state […]