Padron 1964 46th Anniversary

Yet another Special Edition from Padron… but not in a bad way. Starting off with notes of nuttiness and gentle spice, it evenly settles into classic Padron 1926 fare. Overall, if you are a fan of the Padron 19** sereis, it’s definately worth checking out. It’s aged longer than the standard fare, and it shows in the subtlety in the way it develops, while maintaining a touch of strength outyside the regular 1926 line. As a value proposition though… It’s a pretty spendy stick. Sure, it has notes that you really can’t get anywhere else, but damn, the price is just up there.

The Roll: Soft in traditional Padron Style.

The Wrapper: Consistent and smooth.

The Ash: It stayed shapely better than the average Padron 19**.

The Value: At ~$35(!) retail, this isn’t exactly the most approachable stick.

Would I get it again? Hmm. There’s better value propositions out there, but certainly as a special occasion stick.