Padilla 1932 Torpedo

I have had some pretty hit-and-miss experiences with Padilla. I think overall i’m a “50%-er”. The Dominus and the Cazadores do nothing for me, whereas the Miami and 1932 seem to shine. I’ve had some random picks of the other series with a few memorable notes… and a few non-memorable ones.

This guy is totally worth remembering. The 1932 is a strange beast, as presentation-wise, it’s not exactly a visual stunner. The wrapper color changes from the nose to the foot, with scattered mottling here and there. the shape is reliable at least, as the taper is consistent all throughout the box.

Once lit you get that signature smack of cedar, (mild) salt and (decent) pepper. It’s got a heavy nose like a good bottle of wine. It doesn’t falter after the first inch or so, but it does lighten up just a hair. Maybe it’s my palette adjusting.  The rest is well balanced and maintains it’s unique profile.  The last 25% wakes up just a touch and saturates the palette nicely.  You sure don’t forget it quickly.


The Roll: Quality.

The Wrapper: in terms of texture it is even , but the coloration is pretty uneven.

The Ash:  A touch soft.

The Value:   At ~$16 retail, this may not be an everyday item… but,

Would I get it again?  Yep.  Whenever I walk by them in the humidor, the thought always crosses my mind.