Oliva Series V #4

This little guy was originally a special edition for TAA member shops only.  After some time they decided to make it a standard edition.

The V series is a pretty interesting blend, in that it is remarkably fickle about it’s atmosphere. I live in Colorado, which several years ago was classified as a desert state –we have lower average humidity than Arizona.  Needless to say, this isn’t exactly the most ideal place for cigars.  Having an Oliva V here is wildly different than how it tastes in Washington DC (I only make that reference because I first noticed the difference when traveling there).  Down at the shore the V Series gets big and bold, and pretty damn excellent.  Up here in the drylands, it’s just ‘pretty good’.

Up here in the desert: It starts out brightly with a touch of a snug draw (in the right way).  The classic V brightness is immediately present, and the flavors stay firm.  The classic Nicaraguan flavors are  complemented by a touch of bitterness on the center of the tongue with a touch of coffee aftertaste. Being a corona, there is admittedly little development to go through.

At the Shore: I’d love to get a taste of it.

The Roll: A touch firm, but even all the way through.

The Wrapper: Dark, Even and Smooth.

The Value: At ~$7 the price is nothing you can argue with

Would I get it again? Yep.