Tatuaje ‘Wolfman’ Halloween Edition

The annual Halloween Cigar is here.  It’s got a bit of an odd shape as it’s one of the longer style of torpedo tips.  throw in th fauz shaggy foot, and it;s a little odd.

Of course it lights easy, and then it jumps off with a pretty ‘new’ tasting tangy bloom.  The first impression is that it is a simple variation from the classic Tatuaje style, as opposed to a radical deviation like the original Black ‘PimpHammer’ series.

It quickly settles back and becomes lighter than expected.  Oddly, the light acidic notes remind me of a foil wrapped edition, but this is simple cellophane in a wood box.  the taste starts to cahnge just a touch an inch later, and pick up a touch of a boost.  The flavor is more deviant than variant now –The ‘special edition’ aspect starts to become apparent.

The last 30% gets pretty well saturated and tangy, and has some odd notes that remind me of a Villiger 1888.  Other people who have had it commented on the way it wakes up and gets musch stronger on the second half, but I’m not seeing it as a big increase.

Overall It’s pretty good.  If it was a standard stock item I might get one occasionally, but I wouldn’t seek it out.

The Roll: Just about right.  No clogs and no gaps, although there is a little unevenness to the tip shape.

The Wrapper: Even and Smooth.

The Ash: reasonably firm

The Value: At ~$16 it’s a bit much, but really not too far off the mark.

Would I get it again? Being a once-a-year release, it’s not really an option.