Tatuaje TAA Limited Edition

Here’s a little sweetness that’s a rare treat. The TAA stick du jour is a different vein than the avergae Tatuaje, in the same way that the Veritas spins off.

It jumps up with a ton of flavor, that my first instinct is to call oscuro. Not a natural, and not as sun-baked as a maduro… Just right in between. It’s stronger than the average Pete offering.

In classic(?) Tatuaje style there isn’t a radical development after the first inch, but the heavy cedar notes keep it interesting enough to carry it through. This is a wet-packed cigar (foil bound early after the roll), which normally I avoid, but the heavy acidicy balances out the woodiness surprisingly well.

I am interested to see how this tastes in a years time in regular storage.


The Roll: Quality. Tatuaje has suffered from periods of unreliability, and it’s nice to see a decent special edition get it right.

The Wrapper: Dark and even.

The Ash:  Resiliant.

The Value:   At ~$13 retail, this is well worth grabbing a few of.

Would I get it again?  Yep.  It surprised me in all the right ways.