My Father No.2

From the first bright puff, its obvious this cigar is something of quality. A little on the full-bodied side, this guy matches up to whatever you are drinking. My personal favorite match? Papillon from Orin Swift. The flexibility in drinks is from the MF’s ability to coat the entire palette –no area seems left behind.

There are easily transitions through 3 stages, which is not too shabby for a shorter cigar.  After the initial palette whetting, it eases back just a touch into some ceder-y goodness and maintains for a while.  Not too much, it’s just a hint.  The last 40% starts to wake up a bit as the oils collect.  Subtle hints of raw cherry come through (in a good way) transitioning out of the woody notes.  The finish is bright and bold, and usually burns your fingers, as you just dont want to be done with it.

The Roll: Essentially perfect.

The Wrapper: Even density all around, with even color and minimal veining.

The Ash:  A shape holder.

The Value:   At ~$14 retail, I don’t feel bad at all picking one up.

Would I get it again? Yes, and hell yes..