La Aurora 100 Años Robusto

It’s been a long time since I lit up a La Aurora stick.

A few years ago they bit themselves in the collective asses by jumping up their prices right about the same time that the federal $1 per stick tax went through. In no time they went from a reasonable proce point to “wtf?!”.  I didn’t follow their pricing lead,and apparently noone elserealy did either.  You rarely hear about them anymore.

The first tastes are quite the burst.  It jumped up and across stronger than I remembered, with a touch of sugary notes and cedar to boot.  The draw was almost too open, and I had to moderate myself a bit just to keep from over-huffing.

Before long a bit of heat comes up and some deep sharpness to the blend says hello.  these sticks have been sitting for a while (about 3 years), and i certainly didnt expect this much strength.  for a while i was thinking that maybe they dried out, but no, the texture and flexibility seems just fine.  It’s just a stick that is stringer than the original from sitting fo a while.