Illusione Singulare 2010

This small batch from Illusione carries some of the signature notes from the EC:CJ and the familial Epernay line. It lights quick, and jumps into the expected Epernay style of cedar notes and quickly develops some strength.

Suprisingly, it doesn’t go through any radical stages… athough it wants to –kind of like a Padron 1964. Oddly, it don’t miss it. The cigar seems to know what it means, and goes about doing it in the right ways. Towards the last 30% some very light inflections of fruitness pop up (apple? hard to describe), which complement the building strength. They don’t seem out of place at all.

The tail end floods the palette nicely, and matches a cup of black coffee well.

The Roll: Quality. No plugs, no variations.

The Wrapper: Even density and a perfect cap.

The Ash: A little on the soft side.

The Value: At ~$14 it’s not an every day smoke, but it certainly has tastes you aren’t going to easily find elsewhere.

Would I get it again? Yes. I’ve certainly smoked worse for more, and this has a certain twist that I definitely enjoy.