Illusione 88

You just can’t argue with Leon’s attention to detail.  He’s able to put out reliable sticks time after time… sure, many people in the industry mutter crap over it, but as the retail level, it’s quality you just can’t argue with.  If only he would solidify his (lack of) naming conventions.

The 88 is an interesting little robusto.  It kicks off with a woody taste which I usually associate with cheaper cigars, but this has enough gumption behind it to actually make it  a benefit, and not a curse.   There’s a hint of pine over the first inch or so that  calms down into Nicaraguan goodness.  It’s a touch on that ‘medium+’ side of things, and wakes up a touch on the second 50%, just like you want it to.

The last 25% does get a little hot and soft to the touch… but admittedly I smoked cigarettes for 21 years (I quit about 6-7 years ago), so I am on the fast side of things.  I can’t fault the rolling quality.


The Roll: Quality. Just as you expect from Illusione

The Wrapper: Consistent and smooth.

The Ash:  Very soft.

The Value:   At ~$10 retail, I feel justified.

Would I get it again?  Yep.  The woody notes aren’t an everyday thing, but certainly not out of place.