Fuente Work of Art Maduro

It’s been a few years since I had one, and they were languishing on the shelf, so….

In typical figurado fashion it lit unevenly… that was expected. Eventually the flavor started to eek in,  right around the time that the draw shut down.  It was tough to begin with, but I was expecting it because of the nose taper –It didn’t ever open up.

After some tender loving routing with the drill bit I got the flavor that I was expecting, and unfortunately nothing more.  It’s just a Fuente Maduro.  I’ve seen so much raving about them on the forums and whatnot that I was thinking that I had just forgotten what they are about.  Nope, no such luck.  It’s just a Fuente maduro in a small format, that just really doesn’t excite me.

I didn’t bother finishing it.

The Roll: Plugged and rigid, although well shaped.

The Wrapper: Even and Smooth.

The Value: At ~$10 I sure wouldn’t recommend it.

Would I get it again? I just wouldn’t bother.