Fuente Opus X – Forbidden X

Fuente Opus X Forbidden X

I know I’ve harshed on Opus X before, as the current generations aren’t the same as they used to be (I know, it’s a lame lament in an industry that prides itself on purity ), but this is different.  Damn different.  The Forbiddens are only available at the Fuente shop in Vegas, or as rewards to their top retail vendors around the country.

The Forbidden X starts off with a high-caliber punch to the tongue.  Tons of deep pepper and snappiness of the refined Dominican style that is unmistakable.  After about an inch it drops off to a medium palette (well, or maybe my tongue was already saturated), but it starts a long coalescence up in strength again  through 3 easy moving stages.

Oddly, the ash is tight and white.  It stays together like a champ, which is damn near impossible up at these Colorado elevation and dryness levels.

There are plenty of non-traditional flavor notes, as these are aged in used Calvados barrels.  The taste isn’t nearly as pungent as the Anejo series, and acts as a pleasant addition to the tobacco, rather than a basis for the blends taste.

The finish is impeccable, and leaves you wanting more. In many ways I don’t really know how to sum it all up, except with the words “get your hands on these”.

The Roll: Essentially perfect.  Slightly snug keeping you from overdrawing, but perfectly even.

The Wrapper: Very clean with barely any veins affecting the surface texture.

The Value: $23, And worth every penny.

Would I get it again?  Yes…  and Yes.  whenever we get a shipment, I am going to be dipping my hands in those boxes.