A Fuente Anejo #60

The Anejo’s are a little different than your average cigar.  It’s based off of a  normal Fuente maduro wrapper, but the wrapper is aged in a used cognac barrel before rolling.  Now, it’s not an in-your-face flavor, just a little hint of something additional.

The first notes are quite light and subtle, and ash instantly goes pure white.  It stays together fairly well, but there is a certain ‘break point’ where the ash doesn’t hold it’s own anymore and cascades down everywhere.  The flavors develop a touch over the first 3/4″, but it stays mild, akin to other Fuente maduro smokes.  Surprisingly the smoke stays quite light the whole time.  I’ve had a few of these over the years, and every time I am surprised by just how much it doesn’t develop (kind of a trend with Fuente maduro’s I guess).  Over time the wrapper crinks up a bit adn cracks develop a bit readily (but hey, I’m in Colorado and this thing sat at over 160° while aging).  No, I’m not normally this forgiving with weak wrappers, but this is a different kind of smoke that you gotta give a little slack for trying something different.

It’s a quite a bit on the lighter side, and the cognac element complements the blend nicely.  It’s always refreshing to have a novel taste blended into a smoke that doesn’t come off thick and oppressive.

The Roll: The ash was very, very soft and the draw a touch tight, but nothing insurmountable.

The Wrapper: A touch splotchy color-wise, but even in density

The Value: At ~$14 the price is… just ok.

Would I get it again? Well, being a twice a year product I’m not hoarding them, but it’s nice to pick up every few months.  If it was a regular production stick I wouldn’t be going back on a regular basis.   It’s a novel taste worth getting every once in a while.