Opus X Perfecxion #4

What an odd tale.  Years ago Opus X was the shit.  At my shop there were actually raffles with the members to see who would be able to buy some of each quarterly shipment.  Then, in 2008 (maybe 2007) we got our Christmas shipment.  It was horrible –just flavorless and overheated, for a high price.  They quickly went nowhere and just sat on the shelf.  ‘Joe Rando’ woudl walk in and buy one here and there… but that was about it.  The regular customers shied away and found other nice sticks to hold their attentions.  Come to find out that a massive hurricane had whipped through the production region in the Dominican Republic, and that all the growing and aging processes had been completely wrecked.  For years after any time and of us saw someone smoking one, the question came up “Is that a new one, or an old one?”.

It’s been a few years now, so I’m thinking it would be worth trying again.

After a couple tries lighting it (always odd in Colorado) it starts off with that signature taste.  the burn got a little uneven pretty quick. That old taste was there, but it was markedly milder that it used to be.  After about an inch a bit of ‘cheap wood’ taste popped up.  Luckily that passed after a while, and the burn evened out.  Unfortunately it’s not a long stick here, so there’s not exactly a lot of room for error and correction.

It holds up for a while with that long lost taste, and then it goes…. nowhere.  All heat with a touch of dominican flavor, but that’s it.  No buildup, no pizazz.

Overall it’s ok, but really, it’s just that.  It’s nothing really special anymore, and there are certainly better values out there.  If someone had never had one, I might say it’s worth having just one to get an idea of it’s classic palette, but as someone who has (quite literally) smoked boxes of the old, pre-hurricane, variety it’s just a bit of a let down.

The Roll: Relatively even all the way through

The Wrapper: Just ok.  Smooth, but mottled.

The Ash: A touch soft

The Value: At ~$14 it’s worth trying for old times sake, but a non-competitor in the modern market.

Would I get it again? I might try again in a few years.