Graycliff Chateau Gran Cru

Here’s an odd review.

When lighting it I had to check 3 times that it was indeed lit as I couldn’t really taste it. After about 1/2 an inch it really woke up into a much brighter woody taste than I had anticipated.
So, it takes a minute to get on it’s feet… that’s not a big deal. The weird part is the sudden clog about an inch in. I had to take a narrow gauge drill bit and stick in in the lit end just to create a channel. Being handmade, plugs happen and I really dont hold it against the brand or maker. It happens. After about another 1/2 half inch I get another flavor coming in: Plastic. Like cheap kids toy plastic.

Ok, that’s weird, and in a ‘that’s bullshit’ way, not a ‘huh, weird’ semi-acceptable way. I let it go out and after a while cautiously try again. The plastic taste is essentailly gone, but it’s just sour. Grayclff has never been, and will never be touted as the most reliable supplier out there. The blend always varies batch to batch, and non uncommonly inside the same box.
Even considering that… Wow. Damn, guys, this is pathetic.


The Roll: Crap.

The Wrapper: Visually pleasing, but otherwise crap.

The Ash: Didn’t even notice

The Value: At ~$28 it’s a vicious joke.

Would I get it again? If you couldn’t tell by now.. No.