EP Carillo Predelictos

Day-um… there’s some serious sweet notes to start (and if I didn’t know any better I’d think it had a lightly dipped tip).  Significantly more sweetness than a smaller size, like the Club 52.   It starts off a little on the strong side, and doesn’t exactly slow down, but the natural sweetness stays present.   By the time it’s 1/3 of the way throuh, you can already tell that it’s got a pretty delicate wrapper; it doesn’t jive well with the low humidity here in Colorado — you can physically feel it dry out over the duration.

Over time it seems to lose some excitement. The strength keeps up and changes a touch, but I think the length does it some injustice. It’s too long for the blend.  The Club 53 (basically a fat toro) seems to be the sweet spot for the blend.

Across the industry blenders have been varying the blend to keep flavor consistency across different sizes, and in some ways it’s kind of nice to have a line that you can swap out for an alternate size for a different experience.  This needs a swap.

The Roll: Quality.  No plugs, no variations.

The Wrapper: Even density all around, but the tip seems a little thick.

The Ash:  Reasonably dense.

The Value:   So-so.  It’s not insulting pricewise (~$10), but it’s not a ‘bargain’.

Would I get it again?  Nah.  I dont like the heavy torpedo tip and the overall size for the blend.  It needs to be a touch narrower and shorter.