Liga Pravada T52 Toro

It’s been a while since I had one… so what the hell.

What a remarkable departure for Drew Estate. From Blondie fame to this; it’s just different in every aspect.  The smoke lights easy and jumps up in that single flavor that is damn near indescribable.  The darker flavors flood in and make a hit to the palette, but it doesn’t actually start to get too strong even though that’s just what you expect.

Over time it sets back a bit into a pretty even richness.  I think i’d like it to get a buit stronger, but It’s just not going to happen.  It stays prety even keeled all the way through.  Many people seem to enjoy cigars that stay even all the way through, but I revel in the blend that that develop and vary course .  I certainly can’t fault it for playing ‘nice’.

There’s lots of flavors that i have a hard time deciphering.  There is just a bare hint of pepper, with some more dominant coffee, and a bunch of… I don’t know what.  It’s just a different kind of smoke.

One thing really stick out for me: it produces a tremendous about of smoke.  I suppose that’s the stalk cut wrapper shining through.

The Roll: A touch firm, but even all the way through.

The Wrapper: Dark, Even and Smooth.

The Value: At ~$13 the price is pretty well justified.

Would I get it again? Yep, there’s some tastes here that you just dont find elsewhere.  Jonathan Drew swears it’s not flavored/infused in any way, but there’s just something….