Zino Platinum Z Class 643 Corona

When these came out it was a bit of a surprise.  Being another Davidoff derivative, everyone expected them to be an extension of the standard Zino Platinum line… just yet another Dominican.  Whee.  Luckily, it was a different story.

The Z Starts with a bigger snap than the average Davidoff or Zino.    It’s definitely a twist on the series, as it’s Dominican shell pairs with the spicy peruvian binder announces itslef loudly.  It’s a bit soft to the touch in common Davidoff style, but the construction is solid.  Soon the flavors of the line come through, tying the name to the blend.

Over time the flavors stay consistant, and flood slowly back across the palette.  The strength stays pleasant and doesnt get overbearing as the oils collect.  The cedar ramps up just a touch towards the end.

The Roll: Soft in the traditional Davidoff style

The Wrapper: Even with a bit of texture.  no flat, brittle leaves here.

The Value: At ~$12 it’s an appropriate price point.

Would I get it again? Yep.