Camacho Liberty 2011

Over the last few years the Camacho brand is largely identified with a lack of quality control and lack of innovation. Oddly, the packaging has been more noteworthy than their blends.  It’s been a while since I tried a liberty (the last one was a 2007 barber pole style, which was excellent), So I thought I’d give it another go.

It lights easier than most any Camacho that I can remember, and immediately produces a suspiciously high volume of smoke.  Like… lots.  Like more than a Liga Pravada, and that’s saying something.  Quickly the expected Honduran flavors pop up, in just the way that I expect from a Camacho.  Is it a good thing?  Meh.  Admittedly I was hoping for something different.    After a while a bit of dryness comes out to say hello (dry like a wine, not the humidity), and the strength  drops off a bit.  You can tell it’s trying to get some heavy pepper tones going, but it just doesn’t get there –Hondurans never seem to.

Around the halfway point it picks back up in strength again with notes of… salt?  It’s definitely drying me out and tempting me with a cup of coffee.

The rest of the cigar stays pretty even keeled up until the end.  The heat builds up (as expected) and the flavor slackens of (like you wouldn’t expect).  The final finish is Meh again.

The Roll: The ash was very, very soft but the draw was pleasantly loose,  although the roll was a touch spongy

The Wrapper: Very even and a little veiny.

The Value: $21 the price is far too much for a Honduran.

Would I get it again? Nope.  It’s definitely one of the best Hondurans out there, unfortunately the Honduran tobaccos of the past 4 years just haven’t done well. It sure ain’t a $20+ stick.


*** I took multiple pictures simply because I am thinking that half the cost of this cigar is the packaging.  It’s ridiculous.  There’s 4 layers from the outside in, and yes, it’s well done, but damn people… get your priorities straight.  this things could have been $7 per stick cheaper if they had just streamlined the packaging.