Avo 85th Anniversary Figurado

Avo 85th Anniversary Figurado
Avo 85th Anniversary Figurado

I feel like I’m chancing fate with a figurado, seeing as i seem to always get ‘that one’ that doesn’t burn right.

Luckily, I am quickly proven safe.  The light is essentially perfect –smooth and light, without any unnecessary tug involved.  The light dominican flavor easily draw through and coat the palette evenly.

Over time there’s a little bit on development, in a nice and easy way.  The flavors saturate well, but never get too much bitterness.  At the end it’s nice a flavorful, without getting too strong for the blend.

The Roll: The ash was very, very soft, but the draw was even, light and unvarying.

The Wrapper: A touch mottled color-wise, but quite even in density

The Value: At ~$21 the price is… just ok.  Maybe a touch much, but it’s not that far off.

Would I get it again? It’s a bit lighter than what I normally go for by choice, but I wouldn’t feel bad about recommending it at all.