CAO La Traviata Animado

I can’t stand CAO.  Yeah, their sticks are largely respected and everyone seems to love them, but i got sick of them years ago.  The mx2 does zero for me and the brazilians are all tangy in just the wrong ways.

The La Traviata series came out some time ago, and all I knew about it was that it was a low-end contender.  Thankfully, it’s better than I was expecting.  It kicks off with some tangy notes, but rapidly cleans up the acid content and turns into a solid little corona.  It has a bit beefier of a palette than I wasexpecting for a ‘low end’ stick, but that may simply be a factor of it’s narrower ring gauge keeping the wrapper front and center, as opposed to fat and washed out by the high % of filler and binder.

Is it the best thing I’ve ever smoked?  Nope, not at all… but damn, it’s got value.  The La Traviata is the only CAO I go back for.

The Roll: Quality.  No plugs, no variations.

The Wrapper: A touch rough, but goodfor a low end stick.

The Ash:  Very soft.

The Value:   Hell yeah.  About $6 goes a lot further than expected.

Would I get it again?  Yep.  I’m a sucker for a price/performance ratio this skewed.