Tatuaje Black Tubo

Tatuaje Black Tubo

February 12, 2012

Ok, I gotta give a fair shake to Tatuaje on this. The last Black series wasn’t exactly… smokable whatsoever. This one lived up to my expectations.  Now, it’s not the same blending methods of the original black, as this does have a standard wrapper grade leaf on the exterior. It lights easily thanks to the slightly shaggy tip and bursts […]

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Original Tatuaje Black Pimphammer Humidor Jar

Tatuaje Black Lancero

February 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I had a black. The original production of the blacks were code named the “pimphammer” (after the cigar store tool pictured above). In order to get in on the first samples, at the IPCPR show you had to say ‘pimphammer’ to Pete Johnson, and then he would ship you a […]

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Tatuaje Avion 11 Perfecto Grande

November 1, 2011

Oh damn… here I go with another Tatuaje variation.  I swear I don’t mean to focus on them, but it seems to be a trend lately. On first light the first thing to mind is “damn this is light”.  It just didnt announce itself at all.  Yeah, I know it’s a figurado tip, so it’s […]

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Tatuaje ‘Wolfman’ Halloween Edition

October 22, 2011

The annual Halloween Cigar is here.  It’s got a bit of an odd shape as it’s one of the longer style of torpedo tips.  throw in th fauz shaggy foot, and it;s a little odd. Of course it lights easy, and then it jumps off with a pretty ‘new’ tasting tangy bloom.  The first impression […]

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La Casita Criolla

October 18, 2011

La Casita Criolla from TatuajeThis little guy has some oddball notes of pumpkin and cedar on first taste.   It starts off slow, and seems to draw pretty well (after some assistance from the trusty drill bit).  Over time it got some decent cedar notes that about halfway through turned a touch sour.  Physically it […]

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Tatuaje TAA Limited Edition

October 11, 2011

Here’s a little sweetness that’s a rare treat. The TAA stick du jour is a different vein than the avergae Tatuaje, in the same way that the Veritas spins off. It jumps up with a ton of flavor, that my first instinct is to call oscuro. Not a natural, and not as sun-baked as a […]

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Tatuaje Fausto FT 140

October 9, 2011

An obvious deviation from Tatuajes regular line, it’s easy to see why it bears an alternate identity. To it’s benefit, it has much in common with Tatuaje’s (excellent) TAA limited edition cigar. There are sweet and strong notes alike, with the snappy ecuadorian overtones and a touch of ‘newness‘ to it.  Normally, the acidic new-notes […]

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