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Padron 1964 Maduro 85th Anniversary

Another year… another special edition from Padron. Interestingly this is a smaller format than usual, as compared to the 40th, 44th, 45th, 46th and 80th editions.  Luckily, this variation on a toro is just my style. It lights pretty easily, and, as expected,  jumps right into the expected Padron flavor profile.  There is an additional light nuttiness thrown in as well. […]


Padron 1964 46th Anniversary

Yet another Special Edition from Padron… but not in a bad way. Starting off with notes of nuttiness and gentle spice, it evenly settles into classic Padron 1926 fare. Overall, if you are a fan of the Padron 19** sereis, it’s definately worth checking out. It’s aged longer than the standard fare, and it shows […]