Tatuaje Avion 11 Perfecto Grande

Oh damn… here I go with another Tatuaje variation.  I swear I don’t mean to focus on them, but it seems to be a trend lately.

On first light the first thing to mind is “damn this is light”.  It just didnt announce itself at all.  Yeah, I know it’s a figurado tip, so it’s not going to jump up exactly, but it’s light even for that.

There’s definately some acidic notes off the bat, but they are on the mild side and are an extra ‘twang’, as opposed to a bite.  The taste wakes up quickly after that, but never gets too strong.  I was expecting more of a smack to the palette, but it stays (nicely) restrained.

It develops very little after that, and maintains it’s flavor from inch #1 to inch #5.   It’s nice that it stays consistant, but I was hoping for a bit of development.  At the end it dries out a bit (which I can’t really hold against it, being in Colorado and all), but it also doesnt have any reason to give a lasting impresion afterwards.

The Roll: Even all the way through

The Wrapper: One of the best in color and density eveness I’ve seen from Tatuaje .

The Ash: Nicely firm.

The Value: At ~$12 it’s a fair price.

Would I get it again? It’s… ok.  Nothing special.  If one was handed to me I’d smoke it, but i’m not going to search it out.  The chances of being ‘in the mood’ for one are admittedly thin.