Padron 1964 Maduro 85th Anniversary

Padron 1964 85th Anniversary Maduro

Another year… another special edition from Padron.

Interestingly this is a smaller format than usual, as compared to the 40th, 44th, 45th, 46th and 80th editions.  Luckily, this variation on a toro is just my style.

It lights pretty easily, and, as expected,  jumps right into the expected Padron flavor profile.  There is an additional light nuttiness thrown in as well.   Within a half inch the draw shuts down a bit, but’s it’s not needing the drill-bit-attack just yet.

Over time it stays consistent, in the expected Padron fashion.  It doesn’t  change dynamically but to it’s credit it stays brighter and stronger than the average maduro.  The draw gets worse, oddly enough.  The drill bit is used to save it from itself.

By the end it gets just a bit stronger, but I was hoping for a bit more development as the oils and smoke coagulated.  Not to say that it was bad, per se, but it didnt develop any different that a standard 1926.  The flavors were all a bit nicer than a standard 1964 smoke, but “anniversary”? “Special Edition”? Really?

The Roll: The ash was perfect, but it was just too tight..

The Wrapper: Dark, Even and Smooth.

The Value: At ~$32 the price is… a bit much.

Would I get it again? Meh. Maybe. It’s just not different enough to warrant a 30% price hike