La Aurora 100 Años Robusto

November 9, 2012

It’s been a long time since I lit up a La Aurora stick. A few years ago they bit themselves in the collective asses by jumping up their prices right about the same time that the federal $1 per stick tax went through. In no time they went from a reasonable proce point to “wtf?!”. […]

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Tatuaje Black Tubo

Tatuaje Black Tubo

February 12, 2012

Ok, I gotta give a fair shake to Tatuaje on this. The last Black series wasn’t exactly… smokable whatsoever. This one lived up to my expectations.  Now, it’s not the same blending methods of the original black, as this does have a standard wrapper grade leaf on the exterior. It lights easily thanks to the slightly shaggy tip and bursts […]

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Original Tatuaje Black Pimphammer Humidor Jar

Tatuaje Black Lancero

February 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I had a black. The original production of the blacks were code named the “pimphammer” (after the cigar store tool pictured above). In order to get in on the first samples, at the IPCPR show you had to say ‘pimphammer’ to Pete Johnson, and then he would ship you a […]

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Fuente Opus X Forbidden X

Fuente Opus X – Forbidden X

January 30, 2012

I know I’ve harshed on Opus X before, as the current generations aren’t the same as they used to be (I know, it’s a lame lament in an industry that prides itself on purity ), but this is different.  Damn different.  The Forbiddens are only available at the Fuente shop in Vegas, or as rewards […]

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Camacho Liberty 2011

January 17, 2012

Over the last few years the Camacho brand is largely identified with a lack of quality control and lack of innovation. Oddly, the packaging has been more noteworthy than their blends.  It’s been a while since I tried a liberty (the last one was a 2007 barber pole style, which was excellent), So I thought […]

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A Fuente Anejo #60

December 27, 2011

The Anejo’s are a little different than your average cigar.  It’s based off of a  normal Fuente maduro wrapper, but the wrapper is aged in a used cognac barrel before rolling.  Now, it’s not an in-your-face flavor, just a little hint of something additional. The first notes are quite light and subtle, and ash instantly […]

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Avo 85th Anniversary Figurado

December 21, 2011

I feel like I’m chancing fate with a figurado, seeing as i seem to always get ‘that one’ that doesn’t burn right. Luckily, I am quickly proven safe.  The light is essentially perfect –smooth and light, without any unnecessary tug involved.  The light dominican flavor easily draw through and coat the palette evenly. Over time there’s a little bit […]

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Villiger 1888 Robusto

Villiger 1888 Robusto

December 13, 2011

Grr. Pardon the formatting, but the new version of WordPress has broken image placement. Anyways… It’s been a while since I hit one of these up. Known in Europe for their short fill dry-cured mini’s, the 1888 is a pretty wild deviation for the brand. This guy starts in the way you would expect of […]

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Padron 1964 Maduro 85th Anniversary

December 3, 2011

Another year… another special edition from Padron. Interestingly this is a smaller format than usual, as compared to the 40th, 44th, 45th, 46th and 80th editions.  Luckily, this variation on a toro is just my style. It lights pretty easily, and, as expected,  jumps right into the expected Padron flavor profile.  There is an additional light nuttiness thrown in as well. […]

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Oliva Series V #4

November 30, 2011

This little guy was originally a special edition for TAA member shops only.  After some time they decided to make it a standard edition. The V series is a pretty interesting blend, in that it is remarkably fickle about it’s atmosphere. I live in Colorado, which several years ago was classified as a desert state […]

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Liga Pravada T52 Toro

November 29, 2011

It’s been a while since I had one… so what the hell. What a remarkable departure for Drew Estate. From Blondie fame to this; it’s just different in every aspect.  The smoke lights easy and jumps up in that single flavor that is damn near indescribable.  The darker flavors flood in and make a hit […]

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Fuente Work of Art Maduro

November 19, 2011

It’s been a few years since I had one, and they were languishing on the shelf, so…. In typical figurado fashion it lit unevenly… that was expected. Eventually the flavor started to eek in,  right around the time that the draw shut down.  It was tough to begin with, but I was expecting it because […]

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Zino Platinum Z Class 643 Corona

November 17, 2011

When these came out it was a bit of a surprise.  Being another Davidoff derivative, everyone expected them to be an extension of the standard Zino Platinum line… just yet another Dominican.  Whee.  Luckily, it was a different story. The Z Starts with a bigger snap than the average Davidoff or Zino.    It’s definitely […]

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An evening with Graycliff Jean

November 12, 2011

Jean the Graycliff Ambassador An evening around Jean the Graycliff Ambassador is always entertaining, if not bewildering.  Discussions having to do with spraying body parts, creationism and ethics abound. He signed and handed out and couple ‘No Smoking’ signs, the most notable of which was: “Dear Spiky,  I know you are working at Havana Manor […]

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Paul Garmirian Symphony Short Robusto

November 5, 2011

This little guy is something nice.  It’s a limited batch cigar that is only released to a limited number of shops around the country.  Not every PG shop can get it, as they limit the supply to keep it ever-available. When you light it you get that Dominican signature that only comes off the countries […]

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Subculture & JDN My Uzi Weighs A Ton 5×50

November 3, 2011

  I was wary to pick one of these up, as normally I really just don’t enjoy 60+ ring gauge smokes.  There’s a certain ‘lockjaw’ feeling that isn’t for me.  But, being a fan of what Drew Estate has been doing outside of the Acid world… I had to give it a go. The first […]

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Tatuaje Avion 11 Perfecto Grande

November 1, 2011

Oh damn… here I go with another Tatuaje variation.  I swear I don’t mean to focus on them, but it seems to be a trend lately. On first light the first thing to mind is “damn this is light”.  It just didnt announce itself at all.  Yeah, I know it’s a figurado tip, so it’s […]

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Opus X Perfecxion #4

October 24, 2011

What an odd tale.  Years ago Opus X was the shit.  At my shop there were actually raffles with the members to see who would be able to buy some of each quarterly shipment.  Then, in 2008 (maybe 2007) we got our Christmas shipment.  It was horrible –just flavorless and overheated, for a high price.  […]

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Tatuaje ‘Wolfman’ Halloween Edition

October 22, 2011

The annual Halloween Cigar is here.  It’s got a bit of an odd shape as it’s one of the longer style of torpedo tips.  throw in th fauz shaggy foot, and it;s a little odd. Of course it lights easy, and then it jumps off with a pretty ‘new’ tasting tangy bloom.  The first impression […]

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La Casita Criolla

October 18, 2011

La Casita Criolla from TatuajeThis little guy has some oddball notes of pumpkin and cedar on first taste.   It starts off slow, and seems to draw pretty well (after some assistance from the trusty drill bit).  Over time it got some decent cedar notes that about halfway through turned a touch sour.  Physically it […]

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Graycliff Chateau Gran Cru

October 16, 2011

Here’s an odd review. When lighting it I had to check 3 times that it was indeed lit as I couldn’t really taste it. After about 1/2 an inch it really woke up into a much brighter woody taste than I had anticipated. So, it takes a minute to get on it’s feet… that’s not […]

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Illusione Singulare 2010

October 14, 2011

This small batch from Illusione carries some of the signature notes from the EC:CJ and the familial Epernay line. It lights quick, and jumps into the expected Epernay style of cedar notes and quickly develops some strength. Suprisingly, it doesn’t go through any radical stages… athough it wants to –kind of like a Padron 1964. Oddly, it don’t miss […]

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My Father No.2

October 13, 2011

From the first bright puff, its obvious this cigar is something of quality. A little on the full-bodied side, this guy matches up to whatever you are drinking. My personal favorite match? Papillon from Orin Swift. The flexibility in drinks is from the MF’s ability to coat the entire palette –no area seems left behind. […]

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EP Carillo Predelictos

October 12, 2011

Day-um… there’s some serious sweet notes to start (and if I didn’t know any better I’d think it had a lightly dipped tip).  Significantly more sweetness than a smaller size, like the Club 52.   It starts off a little on the strong side, and doesn’t exactly slow down, but the natural sweetness stays present.   By […]

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Tatuaje TAA Limited Edition

October 11, 2011

Here’s a little sweetness that’s a rare treat. The TAA stick du jour is a different vein than the avergae Tatuaje, in the same way that the Veritas spins off. It jumps up with a ton of flavor, that my first instinct is to call oscuro. Not a natural, and not as sun-baked as a […]

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CAO La Traviata Animado

October 10, 2011

I can’t stand CAO.  Yeah, their sticks are largely respected and everyone seems to love them, but i got sick of them years ago.  The mx2 does zero for me and the brazilians are all tangy in just the wrong ways. The La Traviata series came out some time ago, and all I knew about […]

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Illusione 88

October 9, 2011

You just can’t argue with Leon’s attention to detail.  He’s able to put out reliable sticks time after time… sure, many people in the industry mutter crap over it, but as the retail level, it’s quality you just can’t argue with.  If only he would solidify his (lack of) naming conventions. The 88 is an […]

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